Magento 2.4.4p2 : aMiSTACX G6F S3 Titanium RDS

G5F [Flexibility!] by aMiSTACX gives you multiple deployment options. Deploy using AWS RDS [MySQL 8, MariaDB, Aurora], select web server to NGINX or Apache [Default], and easily switch PHP versions.

Enjoy High Availability with options such as AWS Auto Scale using S3 for Media and RDS with optional Read Replicas. Plus aMiSTACX S3R-Alpha and Ramjet FPC Booster to make Magento fly.

G6F Stack: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, Magento 2.4.4 Open Source Edition [OSE], Apache 2.4.52, NGINX 1.22.0, MySQL 8.x, PHP 7.4.x [Default], PHP 8.1, [aMiSTACX modules* S3R-Alpha, Ramjet, S3Sonic, NTS] + Elasticsearch 7.17.x

Optional Luma Sample store during deployment.

In just 28 minutes everything is ready to go!

S3 Titanium Enterprise Features:

[Note! aMiSTACX Modules are NOT currently approved for PHP 8.x]
S3R-Alpha [S3 Media]
S3Sonic [RDS Read Replicas]
Ramjet [FPC Booster]
Orbital [Currency Routing]
PDFDelta [Product export to PDF]
NTS [One page checkout]
StarFlare [Search Engine]


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