Matomo Analytics 4.12.0 : aMiSTACX G6F

Matomo 4.12.x turnkey pre-configured supported solution by aMiSTACX. This Ubuntu + Matomo stack brings you simplistic configuration and cost savings while increasing performance. G-Flexibility! Easily switch Apache to NGINX and PHP versions.

Get the latest G6F stack: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Apache 2.4.52, NGINX 1.22.1, MySQL 8.0.32, PHP 8.1.x & 7.4 + Matomo 4.12.x + phpMyAdmin. FPM and Opcache enabled! Cloudflare aware and Lets Encrypt SSL pre-configured.

Extras: This Matomo version support aMiSTACX Trak for Magento 2.3+


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