Windows 2012 R2 WIMP Utility Server

For those that have to have a Windows Server our WIMP stack for Windows + IIS + MySQL + PHP can help you get up and running very quickly. Windows 2012 R2 is very simplistic in form, and yet powerful to get the job done. Later versions of Windows Server introduce many components that are just not required for a basic web server, or to help manage a remote AWS RDS instance.

This base WIMP stack is Windows 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, MySQL 5.7.20, PHP 8.0 and phpMyAdmin. The server also includes PHP Manager, GIT, Putty and WinSCP, IDE phpStorm 30-day Trial Version, and is pre-configured to help you manage a remote RDS server should you want to use this server in WIP format.

For those that need to administer an AWS RDS instance, the phpMyAdmin is pre-installed. Just add your RDS address and connect. [Make sure SG is open.]

Note: Use IIS PHP Manager to Switch PHP Versions

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