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Enterprise HA for Magento and WooCommerce

Scalability & High Availability for Magento & WooCommerce

High tech weapons for e-commerce. As many know in retail, the 4th QTR. is usually make it or break it pertaining to online sales, and some of the highest online volumes are seen in the USA on Black Friday, and then again on Cyber Monday.

aMiSTACX is helping small, medium, and large businesses cope with large fluctuations of transactional volumes while keeping infrastructure flexible, scalable, up-to-date, and cost effective.

Some of our new products slated for release in the next few days [November 2018], and some that are already available.

  • A51 Dashboards – An AWS Resource Management Dashboard to help with backups, monitoring, security, and so much more.
  • G4 stacks – Ubuntu 18.04 with bleeding edge technology. Everything we have learned about making a stack perform are rolled into the G4s.
    [We are even testing the G4 on Using a t3-micro and soon our S3 Titanium for WP.]
  • S3 Titanium for WordPress – Finally a plugin that addresses S3 storage and RDS Read Replicas rolled into one. This is a must have for any serious WooCommerce site. We will be featuring S3Rocket and S3Sonic for WordPress. All the features you have seen in our Magento Titanium Video are now ported over to WordPress.

Best part of it all is everything is included in our pay-as-you-go price structure!

Just for the heck of it compare aMiSTACX/AWS costs against Shopify Plus or Magento Commerce, and you’ll immediately see why aMiSTACX is just Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX! and waaaaaay more cost effective. 

Much Success!

~ Lead Robot