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Magento 2.4 OSE Deployment Review

Our test drive of Magento’s new 2.4 OSE on our new stack G5 featuring Ubuntu 20, PHP 7.4, and MySQL 8.

At aMiSTACX we love to refer and market using the acronym CARS, because that also happens to be a term AWS Marketplace uses for special CloudFormation deployments. That’s said, we will use the analogy of a first test drive of Magento’s flagship 2.4 OSE that was released a few days ago. [If you don’t like honesty, then maybe you’ll want to skip this article.]

To coincide with Magento’s 2.4 OSE release aMiSTACX had been building our new next GEN G5 stack to handle the additional resource requirements, and also to flex our muscle to maintain our reputation as being ahead of the curve. As many of our customers already know, aMiSTACX has been offering PHP 7.4, MySQL 8, and Elasticsearch 7 for almost a year now. Way ahead of Magento. However, we have been a little slow to adopt Ubuntu’s new 20 LTS release.

Our new G5 stack features core performance: Ubuntu 20 LTS, Apache or NGINX, PHP 7.4 ~ 7.2, Redis 5, Elasticsearch 7, and MySQL 8. Our S3 Titanium stacks will also feature our Enterprise Module Suite.

Magento 2.4 Quick Test Drive

Well, taking our experience with Magento in perspective, and applying this experience through the support, design, and deployment of generations of Magento, I’d have to say that 2.4 OSE sucks from a DIY customer’s perspective.

The very first thing that really makes no sense is the removal of the friendly GUI wizard to install Magento 2.4 OSE. That’s right! The only way to manually install Magento 2.4 OSE is through the CLI.

The second biggest mistake is to make Elasticsearch the core requirement for an install. Gotcha! You MUST have a working Elasticsearch installed PRIOR to installing Magento 2.4. IMO That’s a disaster. [Note: You have to have a working ES available ALL the time! Unless you use aMiSTACX’s B24 as your primary catalog search module.] What were they thinking over at Magento? Anyone that has worked with ES knows it’s slow, fairly complex, and a resource hog.

Gone are the days when you could deploy Magento 1.x or 2.1.x on a t2-micro, and still achieve <1.5 second load times with Magento’s LUMA sample data. Now, the very minimum aMiSTACX will allow is a t3-large; otherwise, Magento won’t run correctly. Additionally, we can no longer support a RAM Swap file, because it kills performance. Meaning everything now has to be served from RAM.

Should you have made it to a working install, and you are ready to access the Magento’s Admin CMS, you’ll be in for another nice surprise. Forced 2FA! LOL. Wow! WTF? Some team was sleeping over at Magento on this one. Did anyone every stop and think that a fresh deployment of Magento has no confidential customer data on it? So why force 2FA on admins? Thankfully there is an easy way to disable it, and ALL of our stacks for Magento will have it disabled as a default.

The PROs

What I do like about 2.4 OSE is thankfully Magento didn’t attempt to change the dashboard UI. OMG that would have forced aMiSTACX to switch to developing products for Shopify.

What I’m also pleased with is Magento finally caught up to hosting their framework with components that are of recent release, and not on the edge of obsolescence. For years Magento was behind on PHP and MySQL, well NOT any more. That’s cool and beneficial and Magento 2.4 is actually very fast when properly deployed.

We are also pleased that Magento is aggressively EOL’ing their older 1 and 2.1 frameworks. [It’s like supporting VCRs.]

Simplicity with an aMiSTACX G5

Update: aMiSTACX G5F for Magento’s 2.4 OSE is now available and also for select demo stacks and our Titanium series. We look forward to pushing the envelop with our G5, and as usual, all of our stacks will be turnkey.

G5 Tips

We suggest the following for higher performance production applications:

  • Enable 2FA for production or when using any development server exposed to the public
  • Disable ALL modules NOT in use.
  • Make use of Luma Theme if possible
  • Use aMiSTACX Ramjet and S3Rocket
  • Use our B24 Catalog Search Module
  • Review our 2.4 Case Study


~ Lead_Robot

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