Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – aMiSTACX G4

November 2018 – We are pleased to announce our first stack supporting Ubuntu 18.04LTS. To commemorate our G4 release we decided to also give our amistacx.com site a facelift, and showcase the power of the 18 running on our new G4 stack.

Our G4 packs a good punch sporting support for AWS T3s, soon MySQL 5.8, and PHP RC 7.3.

Load-times for our new amistacx.com impressively routinely average around 700 Milliseconds – 1.2 Seconds depending on where you are around the globe. The stack is our Apache G4 LAMP running on a t3-micro and uses PHP 7.3 and MySQL 5.7.

We will continue to tinker with the site to get into the 300 – 500 MS range, and a target GTMetrix score of 100/100. All with NO WordPress speed related plugins by third parties.

Coming Soon in November:

  • G4 Apache LAMP w/ MySQL 8
  • G4 Nginx LAMP w/ MyQL 7.5
  • WordPress Titanium HA Plugin featuring a bundled S3Rocket & S3Sonic
  • New features to our A51 Dashboard [All aMiSTACX customers should make use of.]

We also would like to take the opportunity of thanking our loyal customers for helping us break over 1K customers in over 40 countries. No small feat, and we are gracious for the opportunity for continual refinement of our ethos of

Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX!

~ Lead Robot