A51 Management Console for AWS

Manage AWS Resources & Reduce Costs with aMiSTACX Our A51 Monitoring & Control dashboard for AWS resources is now available to all aMiSTACX customers. The A51 dashboard is included with your aMiSTACX AWS EC2 Marketplace pay-as-you-go subscription. [New customers, please wait 24-48 hrs before you attempt to register.] What is A51? You will be able… Continue reading A51 Management Console for AWS

Increase AWS EC2 Volume Size

Most of our EC2 Linux stack deployments start off with root volumes between 8 – 30GB. Obviously as your business grows, at some point you’ll just need more space. Luckily, Amazon AWS makes this a very easy process. Although, it is extremely easy to go up in size, it is also very difficult to go… Continue reading Increase AWS EC2 Volume Size

WordPress Hosting on AWS

We provide supported WordPress® 6.x turnkey e-commerce solutions on Amazon AWS. All of our stacks are designed for performance, offer incredible value, and save lots of time.

Our G-Flexibility line offers multiple configurations for deployment. Flexible architecture such as select your http web server [Apache, NGINX], and the ability to switch multiple PHP versions. All ideal when developing and testing high performance ecommerce sites.

Our stacks start as little as 0.038 cents per hour, pay as you go and stop at any time. 100% Freedom & Control over your stack, and we continue to improve our stacks all the time.

Weaponize your business with aMiSTACX!

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