A51 Management Console for AWS

aMiSTACX A51 Dashboard for AWS

Manage AWS Resources & Reduce Costs with aMiSTACX

Our A51 Monitoring & Control dashboard for AWS resources is now available to all aMiSTACX customers. The A51 dashboard is included with your aMiSTACX AWS EC2 Marketplace pay-as-you-go subscription. [New customers, please wait 24-48 hrs before you attempt to register.]

What is A51? You will be able to potentially manage all of your aMiSTACX resources, non-aMiSTACX AWS EC2s, and AWS RDS instances from a single management dashboard. You can also manage multiple AWS accounts. [Ideal for development agencies.]

A51 was designed specifically for speed, simplicity, and AWS cost reduction.

Powerful features:

Getting Started