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AWS EC2 and RDS Alerting and Monitoring

A51 accounts can now take advantage of simplistic but powerful monitoring, alerting, and health checks on aMiSTACX stacks, and on non-aMiSTACX AWS EC2 servers.

How much does downtime cost your business? Hundreds? Thousands? How is you or your IT team informed now of an issue? Do your customers tell you? Or maybe you just stumble upon an outage?

A51 Advanced Monitoring

A51 solves the lack of insight into your web environment with advanced monitoring that can be configured to set thresholds on CPU, Disk Space usage, and Memory usage. Additionally, when a threshold is reached, you can send an alert to your mobile SMS device, and/or take action on the instance, e.g., reboot.

HTTP(S) health checks can also be performed on your instances. Get instantly notified via SMS should your web server become unresponsive.

Command and Control at your Fingertips

As A51 was designed to be mobile friendly, you can take instant action on your EC2 or RDS instances from anywhere in the world. Initiate a restore, start/stop, and reboot, or reach out to your IT team for more assistance.

Weaponize your business! As an aMiSTACX customer, basic A51 is already at your command. Just register today >>

~ Lead_Robot