AWS EC2 and RDS Alerting and Monitoring

A51 accounts can now take advantage of simplistic but powerful monitoring, alerting, and health checks on aMiSTACX stacks, and on non-aMiSTACX AWS EC2 servers. How much does downtime cost your business? Hundreds? Thousands? How are you, or your IT team informed of an issue that impacts your site? Do your customers tell you? Or maybe… Continue reading AWS EC2 and RDS Alerting and Monitoring

Matomo Analytics On-Premise Edition

We provide turnkey supported Matomo® Analytics On-Premise scalable cloud solutions for Amazon AWS. Matomo is the #1 Free web & mobile analytics software platform, and is a very flexible web Analytics solution. Matomo has a very intuitive dashboard, your data is yours and private [not mined], and was designed for the elimination of spam hits.

Our stacks start as little as 0.038 hr, pay as you go, stop any time. We continue to improve our stacks all the time.

Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX!