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Magento 2 Cache Booster by aMiSTACX

As part of our in-house A51 projects for Magento and WordPress, we have released our new Cache Booster designed for Magento 2.3.0+, and specifically to work with our S3 Titanium High Availability Modules. Get it here >>

What we can say is it works very differently than cache warmers that frequent the current Magento 1 & 2 module markets, and thus we call it a cache booster rather than a cache warmer.

ramjet uses this high pressure in front of the engine to force air through the tube, where it is heated by combusting some of it with fuel. It is then passed through a nozzle to accelerate it to supersonic speeds. This acceleration gives the ramjet forward thrust. ~Wikipedia

So just like the namesake, we force more cache into Magento to help it accelerate to super speeds! Although not meant for sites that have inherent problems to begin with, Ramjet functions directly to what is cacheable to the public. Meaning, if your Magento’s caching engine is broken, Ramjet will not save you.

Ramjet has also been tested and designed to work with very large catalogs. Beta tests have been performed on 1 million + catalog items with about 7K categories, and we have seen load times as low as 1.7 seconds! That is truly amazing 😀

Ramjet Installation

Very much just adding to composer.json both required and repo. [This will ONLY work with S3 Titanium stacks, and select Developer stacks.]

Then run the usual:

sudo composer update amistacx/ramjet

Followed by the usual Magento update/compile/permissions sequence.

Note: You will need to remove pcntl_signal_dispatch from CLI php.ini

e.g. /etc/php/7.2/cli/php.ini # search for it: pcntl_signal_dispatch, then remove it.

Note: ionCube Loader for CLI must be available for php CLI.

Restart php7.x FPM:

sudo php7.4-fpm restart

Testing Commands

Before use. Make sure Ramjet is set to enable in the Magento Admin Console.

aMiSTACX Ramjet Enable

For basic starting you just need to run:
sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE]


sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start --content-type=all --threads=5

Where CONTENT_TYPE can be

product (Product details page)
category (Categories page)
cms (CMS pages)
all (All of the above)

Note: For better performance the Ramjet module has a content filter.

CLI interface supports the next command-line arguments:
–start-page (-c)
–limit (-l)
–timeout (-t)

Start cache warming from the N – page, for example from 20
sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] –start-page=20

Note: Every page contains 20 records.

Set limit for pages. For example to 200
sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] –limit=200

Run cache boost with timeout set to 20 seconds.
sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] –timeout=20

After 20 seconds the script will stop and last page index will be stored.
So in the future, the module will offer to start from the last index.
You can start from the last index or from the beginning

sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –start-index=0

You can combine the commands :
sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] –start-page=10 –limit=2000

sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start –content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] –start-page=100 –timeout=3600

Advanced Cache Learning

Use this switch to pre-load only the most popular products or categories:

sudo php bin/magento ramjet:start --content-type=[CONTENT_TYPE] --most-viewed --min-count-views=#

Where # = number of views equal or greater. This is useful with large catalogs were pre-loading takes several hours or days, and hence we can just preload the most popular items to save time.

Where [Content Type] = Product or Category

Performance Tuning

Our stacks preserve Magento’s .user.ini files in both /var/www/magento/ and /magento/pub/

This means they override php.ini and .htaccess on Apache/NGINX. For Ramjet, we recommend at least a t3-Medium and about 3-5GB of Magento memory allocation. This is because almost everything is held in cache.

You have several layers of caching: CDN, PHP, Magento-Redis


v1.0.5 : October 2020
Added “Accept” header.
Added support for Magento 2.4.

v1.0.4 : September 2020
Bug fixes.
Added error logger.
Code optimization.

v1.0.3 : December 12th, 2019
New license key (Support for G5s).

v1.0.2 : December 1st, 2019
Added Luma Demo Support

v1.0.1 : July 2019, Ramjet Boost button in Magento Admin GUI. This is handy for situations where CLI is inaccessible to personnel. The Ramjet Boost button is equivalent to the CLI option “ALL”.

v1.0.0 Alpha : March 2019, Initial Public release. CLI Interface

Ramject cache booster for Magento 2 boost button



Note: Please do not use the HTTP Authentication and cart caching function. The caching effect does not persist. We are working on a resolution.


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~ Lead_Robot