Privacy Policy

Updated October 14th, 2023

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is in plain language and simple, and purposely void of gobbledygook legalese. This way you can simply copy and paste the content into a language translator of your choice, and fully understand the meaning of our Privacy Policy. The spirit of this policy.,, and websites are only for use with potential and existing Amazon AWS Marketplace customers. This explicitly means you have NO right to trespass on our sites for any other purposes. Period. Analogous to a NO TRESPASSING sign that is posted on private property.

Our sites may extend into AWS services such as Amazon AWS S3. These services are considered an extension of our sites, and are required for functionality.

Do not proceed or attempt to scrape or copy any of,, data for any use other than the personal use in direct relation to the use, setup, maintenance, or any function directly related to the aMiSTACX stack that you have deployed, or will deploy from AWS Marketplace.

The company makes use of 3rd-party CDN analytics [Cloudflare], ONLY to stop or prevent suspicious, or potentially harming access to our systems. [For essential security purposes.]

The company makes use of in-house developed bot and script automation detection. Attempts to scrape, hack, probe, penetrate, or any other action deemed suspicious or harmful will more than likely get your IP or ASN blocked. This includes rotation of fingerprints, and using multiple connections spread over multiple IPs and/or ASNs.

Again, and to be crystal clear, our sites are ONLY for our customers and potential customers. You do NOT have permission to snoop, snip, attempt to reverse engineer, investigate, or any other action that may be considered harmful to our company.

In violation, we may immediately block you, and even if considered significant, your entire country, ASN, or IP range of source at any time. Autonomous systems employ machine learning, and AI to filter harmful traffic, and can make instantaneous decisions without human input.

Additionally, if you use any type of automation, and ignore our robots.txt file, your IP or ASN or even country will be blocked.

Additionally, adverse action in relation of violation of our Privacy Policy may constitute an attempt of fraud and/or extortion, and will be reported to law enforcement and/or legal authorities for prosecution.

The company does NOT sell or resale any customer data. The company does NOT collect or process any personal data other than for general security purposes, and the unavoidable email contact form that is for use for customers on the company’s sites. The company does NOT allow the ability to leave comments, or to create any type of account on is strictly used as a demonstration site. No orders are processed, or personal information collected. The demo store is routinely deleted with every Magento Open Source release.

The demo store is used to test our aMiSTACX modules for usage, performance, and security. The demo site is also used to test AWS CFT deployments, and stack build performance and security.

The demo store is also used to test other open source deployments, i.e Matomo Analytics. aMiSTACX provides custom modules to our customers that interface with Magento Open Source, and our deployment for Matomo On-Premise. The continual testing of these deployments are required for our business.

The email form on currently uses a 3rd party tool, reCAPCHA, that is operated by Google, and Google does collect personal information about you, and may track you across sites outside of

[We strongly suggest you make use of a 3rd party DNS proxy filter such as OpenDNS and/or a VPN if you want to block Google from gathering personal information. Additionally, a browser ad blocker is recommended to block cookies that are collected by YouTube.]

Embedded YouTube videos have the enhanced privacy option enabled, but still may expose your personal data to Google, and other 3rd parties.

Customers can OPT-OUT from contacting our technical support by use of our email form by searching our websites, the AWS Marketplace listings, make use of our bot, or make use of the administrative deployment guide that is included with every stack. Answers to commonly encountered technical issues can be found in these areas.

The company analyzes questions presented to our bot [aka MaceyBot] in order to improve our services.

Customers that contact us via email acknowledge that their email address may be stored on an Amazon AWS system.

The company does NOT send newsletters, or any promotional materials. The company will not reach out to you directly unless we have been involved in a prior consultancy or assistance relationship.

AWS provides no direct form of communication to Marketplace subscribers. A51 and our site are used to broadcast important system alerts.

Any access to our sites or services may expose your IP address through various monitoring systems and/or 3rd-party content delivery networks [CDNs], i.e. Cloudflare.

Cookie Policy makes use of First-party cookies (aka session cookies) for the following:

  • Required function for the site to operate correctly for the user.

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