aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

Of the course of many years, certain deployment packages get retired. Sun-setting as they call it in AWS. Maybe a package was replaced by another stack, maybe we no longer find it economically feasible to provide a certain deployment stack. Maybe there is little interest in a stack series, or the stack is obsolete. For… Continue reading aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

Post aMiSTACX Deployment Checklist

Although you are responsible for your AWS and aMiSTACX environment, we wanted to put together an abbreviated post deployment checklist to help remind you of areas that are commonly overlooked for security and performance.

AWS Console SSH Web Connect

You may find yourself in a situation where for some odd reason you can’t connect via your trusted Putty or WinSCP client. With the release of Ubuntu 22, many suddenly found themselves scratching their heads to a strange key error upon connection attempts. Luckily, AWS does offer a little known way to SSH through your… Continue reading AWS Console SSH Web Connect

Composer Memory Error

Should you get a composer memory error or status message “killed” when using sudo composer upgrade on aMiSTACX, it is because of an incorrect setting w/ PHP 7.x, or the memory value is set too low. This also happens with performance stacks that do not have a swap file, thus memory becomes exhausted. Although most… Continue reading Composer Memory Error

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