Magento 2.3.x with MySQL 8

Note: G5F series has been replaced by our G6F stacks.

MySQL 8 will be officially supported by Magento in release 2.4.0; however, we are now offering the MySQL 8 engine as a choice for new S3 Titanium stacks, and all of our G5F stacks for Magento.

Just select MySQL 8 as part of the RDS engine choice during AWS Marketplace CFT deployment. Initial testing proves no major errors or problems, and slight performance improvement out-of-the-box.

Deploying can be useful if you want to set up MySQL 8 on RDS in advance, and run MySQL 5.7 local. Then import into MySQL 8. [This is a one-way affair.] This is useful for planned migrations.

Note: Our new deployments for the S3 Titanium series, and select G5 stacks for Magento will allow RDS selections: [{MySQL 5.7, MySQL8}, MariaDB, AWS Aurora]

We love to stay ahead of the curve, and even have PHP 7.4 on our stacks. So MySQL 8 as a choice to be used in development testing, or for production [when officially supported] is just the aMiSTACX way!

~ Lead_Robot