aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

Of the course of many years, certain deployment packages get retired. Sun-setting as they call it in AWS. Maybe a package was replaced by another stack, maybe we no longer find it economically feasible to provide a certain deployment stack. Maybe there is little interest in a stack series, or the stack is obsolete. For… Continue reading aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

What’s new – Magento 2.4.2 w/ AWS RDS and G5 Flexibility!

We are very excited to release our new G5F S3 Titanium turnkey stack for Magento 2.4.2 OSE with AWS RDS.  Check out these awesome deployment features! This is amazing flexibility all at your finger tips in 15 minutes!  This stack also features performance and security upgrades such as TLS 1.3 [Default], A51 Management Console, HTTP2… Continue reading What’s new – Magento 2.4.2 w/ AWS RDS and G5 Flexibility!

G5F [Flexibility!] by aMiSTACX

Easily switch between Apache and NGINX Note! G5F Series has been replaced by the G6F series. Introducing our new G5F [Flexibility!] line for our G5 series of stacks. What makes the G5F designation special is the ability to switch back and forth between Apache and NGINX, and soon LightSpeed. For a CMS like Magento or… Continue reading G5F [Flexibility!] by aMiSTACX

aMiSTACX G5 Turnkey AWS for WordPress 5.x+

Note: The aMiSTACX G5F series has been replaced by the aMiSTACX G6F deployment packages. We are excited to announce availability of our G5F stack for WordPress. Here is what you can expect from a G5F: This is a perfect stack for high performance, and high stability requirements. We also offer our S3 Titanium plugin that… Continue reading aMiSTACX G5 Turnkey AWS for WordPress 5.x+

Magento using stops supporting MD5

We received an email from Magento today, March 4th, 2019, advising the following: On March 14, 2019, will stop supporting MD5 based hash usage. Magento’s implementation of the Authorize.Net Direct Post payment method uses MD5 based hash and this change will result in Magento merchants not being able to process payments using Authorize.Net Direct… Continue reading Magento using stops supporting MD5

March 2019 aMiSTACX Stack Refresh

March 2019 will be one busy month for us at aMiSTACX [March Madness?] as we bring improvements to all of our current G3/G4 stacks on AWS Marketplace. The “G” if you ask, is for generation. Our G1 & G2 are now considered obsolete, and should any customer still be using them, please upgrade ASAP! You’ll… Continue reading March 2019 aMiSTACX Stack Refresh

aMiSTACX Scalable Performance

What’s in a name? aMiSTACX is now just a little over two years old, and as the company continues to grow with our motto, Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX, it permeates in everything we do. As such, it is time for our logo to reflect our growth, and become the definitive definition for automated scalable… Continue reading aMiSTACX Scalable Performance

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