Elasticsearch for Magento 2

Important! Normally aMiSTACX attempts to future-proof our stacks. For example, we have included PHP 7.3 every since Magento ® was still on CE 2.1.x and PHP 7.1. This makes it easier for you to upgrade Magento, and switch PHP versions at some future point without having to know how to install or configure PHP. Even today, our new stacks have PHP 7.4 and even some have MySQL 8 as options for development, testing, and future support.

Due to the resource intensive nature of ES, it has been decided to drop Elasticsearch as a universal feature, and only offer a fully configured version on the new aMiSTACX G5s. This is because at a minimum, a t3-large is required. Additionally, a complete redesign of the entire stack was also required to handle the additional Magento/ES resource constraints.

You are free to install or configure Elasticsearch on any aMiSTACX stack; however, only the below stacks will be officially supported for ES by aMiSTACX as they have been specifically designed and tested to work without issue.

March 2021 :

We will be supplementing Elasticsearch with our own StarFlare catalog search module.

aMiSTACX G5F & G5FSP Stacks

All Magento Open Source deployed with G5F+ stacks have Elasticsearch and StarFlare installed >>

Live Demo >>

[Note: Demo shows new StarFlare module running without Elasticsearch.]