aMiSTACX G5 Turnkey AWS for WordPress 5.x+

aMiSTACX G5 deployment for WordPress

Note: The aMiSTACX G5F series has been replaced by the aMiSTACX G6F deployment packages.

We are excited to announce availability of our G5F stack for WordPress.

Here is what you can expect from a G5F:

  • Ubuntu 20 LTS
  • MySQL 8 and certain CFTs on AWS MP have a choice of MySQL 5.7 or 8, MariaDB, or Aurora.
  • PHP 7.4
  • Apache or NGINX
  • Redis Caching 5
  • AWS CloudWatch Agent
  • AWS Time Service
  • Performance tweaks for a T3 small/medium
  • ionCube Loaders

This is a perfect stack for high performance, and high stability requirements. We also offer our S3 Titanium plugin that features S3R-Alpha and S3Sonic. And of course, all of our stacks feature our A51 management and monitoring dashboard.

What are you waiting for? Weaponize your business today!

~ Lead_Robot