G5F [Flexibility!] by aMiSTACX

New G5F Flexibility stack by aMiSTACX

Easily switch between Apache and NGINX

Note! G5F Series has been replaced by the G6F series.

Introducing our new G5F [Flexibility!] line for our G5 series of stacks. What makes the G5F designation special is the ability to switch back and forth between Apache and NGINX, and soon LightSpeed. For a CMS like Magento or WordPress this is ideal when you want to A/B test speed and stability side-by-side.

Note: Our G5F stacks for WordPress and Magento are pre-configured.

For example, start with Apache on the base stack, clone a new instance of it and switch stack B to NGINX. In this way, you have a mirrored copy with the only difference of the web engine. Label it for your domain such as apache.example.com and nginx.example.com, and then put it live on Cloudflare.

Now you can benchmark it with GTMetrix, and our A51 Load Tester, and tweak as required.

G5F Improvements

Almost all G5 stacks share in common: PHP 7.4, MySQL 8, Redis, and now Apache and NGINX. We have also made sure TLS 1.3, and stronger Cipher suites are being used. Currently HTTP2 is set as the default, and in the future we offer HTTP3.

EC2 Standard Classes: T3, C5, & M5

Let us know how things go, and offer any areas we can improve.

Note: The G5 designation only Apache, and the G5F has both Apache and NGINX.

For CFT deployments, S3 Titanium stacks, you can select the web server engine during deployment.

G3 and G4 Retirements

In the coming days and weeks we will be retiring our G3 and G4 stacks in favor of the new G5F series. Should you have any questions, please reach out to our Bot , and if needed us humans. Thanks!

Video shows deployment of an aMiSTACX G6F S3 Titanium.

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