AMISTACX G6-Flexibility Stacks

Although the “Wen Lambo” meme is synonymous within the crypto community, we’ll say our new Gen-6 Flexibility [G6F] stacks are like “Wen Available?”, like now.

Just because our crypto investments are crashing doesn’t mean our ecommerce sales can’t mooooon.

Our G6F stacks offer packaged continual improvement with over six plus years of real-life testing and customer feedback.

Noted improvements for the G6F lineup are more deployment options through AWS CloudFormation [CFTs], and tighter integration with our A51 Monitoring & Control Dashboard.

Our deployment options for the S3 Titanium series for Magento Open-Source, we now bundle our aMiSTACX modules in groups. This is a first for us, and it takes away the many headaches of having to installing too much, or post deployment installs.

We also have a new selection of Dev-Mode. Dev-Mode installs the absolute minimum of aMiSTACX modules, and in some stacks allows a zero install option. Dev-Mode is useful for those that do not plan to make use of our provide performance and business modules.

And for those that want to migrate from Big Bro Go-Slow hosting, we have a perfect Ubuntu 22 LTS migration stack that is approved to run all our modules for Magento Open Source.

All the G6F deployments feature:

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • PHP 8.x
  • Apache Solr 9
  • Elasticsearch 7
  • Redis 7
  • MySQL 8
  • Apache 2.4.52+
  • NGINX 1.22.x

Our S3 Titanium modules for both WordPress and Magento Open Source have been modernized to PHP 8+, and also packed with new amazing performance features that will allow you to compete with anyone.

You’ll not only reduce your operating costs, but you’ll smile at the performance boost, and amazing command and control over your digital empire.

AWS Marketplace calls them CARs, so take one for a test drive today!

LFG! Lead~Robot