Odoo 16 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

aMiSTACX is pleased to announce availability our G6F performance stack for Odoo 16 Community Edition on AWS Marketplace:

  • wkhtmltopdf 0.12.6 r2 for Ubuntu 22 LTS
  • Apache and NGINX reverse proxy vhost templates #Means you can reach your Odoo like this https://myodoosite.com
  • Odoo 16 CE 5 minute deployment through AWS Marketplace
  • PHP 8.1.x
  • Extras: A51 Monitoring & Control Dashboard for AWS

Many are now using Odoo with Magento, and we have tested this deployment with Magento 2.3 +, and Odoo 14 Enterprise w/ an Odoo/Magento bridge connector module.

Overall a great performance stack for experienced Odoo developers and admins, and great for those beginners with the patience to learn.

Note: This stack is designed and designated for experts in Linux and of course Odoo.

Check out the Odoo deployment video, and please ask all questions before you deploy.