Odoo 16 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

aMiSTACX is pleased to announce availability our G6F performance stack for Odoo 16 Community Edition on AWS Marketplace: Many are now using Odoo with Magento, and we have tested this deployment with Magento 2.3 +, and Odoo 14 Enterprise w/ an Odoo/Magento bridge connector module. Overall a great performance stack for experienced Odoo developers and… Continue reading Odoo 16 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

Odoo Community Edition

We provide supported packaged turnkey Odoo 16 Community Edition Deployments + scalable e-commerce solutions on Amazon AWS. Pick your Odoo flavor and deploy.

Additionally, we include aMiSTACX's A51 Monitoring & Control dashboard that will allow you to monitor and control your AWS empire.

Our stacks start as little as 0.038 cents per hour, pay as you go and stop at any time. 100% Freedom & Control over your stack, and we continue to improve our stacks all the time.

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