March 2019 aMiSTACX Stack Refresh

March 2019 will be one busy month for us at aMiSTACX [March Madness?] as we bring improvements to all of our current G3/G4 stacks on AWS Marketplace.

The “G” if you ask, is for generation. Our G1 & G2 are now considered obsolete, and should any customer still be using them, please upgrade ASAP! You’ll get better performance and improved security. Plus, you’ll get advanced access to A51 dashboard features that are only available on a G3/G4 stack.

Potential Speed Gain from aMiSTACX G2 to a G4 S3T

G3s are almost like our G4s with the exception of G4s run on Ubuntu 18 LTS, and all have a few extra features when used with our A51 Management dashboard.

Upgrades this month include making all Linux stacks G3 compliant. This means support for the EC2 T3 Nitro class! All Linux stacks will also have Redis caching installed. Other bells and whistles will be all G3/G4 stacks will have AWSCLI installed, and AWS CloudWatch Agent installed per default. [These will be used for advanced monitoring and alerts on the A51 Platform.]

And if you are not on A51, you really should be. A51 offers a lot of management benefits in one place, and can also help reduce AWS costs.

Speaking of A51, we will be including advanced AWS monitoring coupled with alerting. Pro accounts and certain G4 stacks will be able to get useful stuff like Memory Usage Alerts, Disk Space Usage %, and instance Health-Checks.

Additionally, you will be able to change instance type from A51, and only approved instances will show! No more errors on classes that are not approved or not designed to work on AWS. [An annoying AWS bug that was reported to the AWS Engineering Team.]

All G3/G4 stacks will get a few tweaks to performance here and there too! When running on a T3 class, you’ll notice the difference 😉

Overall we will attempt to roll all of this out over the month, and it will be up to AWS to get them out of the assembly line and into the public’s hands.

Trivia: Want to know why we feature a lot of cars on our site, especially the high-performance Dodge line? It’s because AWS calls CFT deployed stacks in the Clusters and Resources [CAR for short]. So since Dodge is kicking ass with Made in America super muscle cars, we just decided to tag along too as aMiSTACX stacks are made in America, and certainly making a lot of owners happy with the amazing turnkey performance 😀

Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX and out of gate like a Lion!

~ Lead_Robot