aMiSTACX Scalable Performance

What’s in a name? aMiSTACX is now just a little over two years old, and as the company continues to grow with our motto, Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX, it permeates in everything we do.

As such, it is time for our logo to reflect our growth, and become the definitive definition for automated scalable cloud solutions.

Next, the green “M” was updated to an olive “Mi” as a representation of You, the customer, and the color olive as a representation of peace. As in peace of mind when working on your stack, and dealing with our support team.

The red arrows are inspired from the Amazon AWS dashboard, and are purposely connected to the “a” and the “S” to represent the auto scale nature of our stacks. Scale up or down at any time, and in a circular fashion around the green – it’s our intention to be more efficient, and as a benefit save you money.

The latter part “STACX” is an emphasis on strength and capital. As we grow and you grow, we wish both parties share profitable endeavors.

As a reflection of the DIY nature of our products, it can be said that the “a” is silent, and feel free to say “Mi-STACX” or a play on words as My stacks or Me stacks.

We will continue to pronounce our name as “a-em-i-stacx”, but no matter how you pronounce it, just remember that it represents premium scalable cloud solutions.

~ Lead Robot