Solved! Magento 2.4 Memory Exhausted Errors

Magento 2.4 CPU and Memory exhausted

It has come to our attention of a bug in Magento 2.4 OSE that causes the CPU(s) to spike, and consume huge amounts of memory.

Impacted versions: Magento 2.4.x Open Source.

The problem is with the Magento CSP Module. Disabling the module and recompile will fix the issue. Removing a caching engine like Redis has no effect. [Ideally you should use Ramjet FPC Booster anyway.]

More information can be found on GITHUB >>

and on Magento’s site >>

To disable:

sudo php bin/magento module:disable Magento_Csp

Then run:

sudo ./

They say a fix will be available in the 2.4.2 release.