Magento 2.4+ without Elasticsearch

StarFlare is our new catalog search module for Magento Open Source that removes the requirement having Elasticsearch running on Magento 2.4+. Elasticsearch will still need to be installed, but the requirement for it to be in a running active state will be removed. Our StarFlare module is currently in Beta testing, and is standard for… Continue reading Magento 2.4+ without Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch for Magento 2

Important! Normally aMiSTACX attempts to future-proof our stacks. For example, we have included PHP 7.3 every since Magento ® was still on CE 2.1.x and PHP 7.1. This makes it easier for you to upgrade Magento, and switch PHP versions at some future point without having to know how to install or configure PHP. Even… Continue reading Elasticsearch for Magento 2