An alternative to 2FA

Cloudflare WAF Rule to restrict URL access Warning! Improper application of this rule can block traffic to your site. Test with a VPN and/or IP addresses not in your list. Setting up Two-Factor Authentication [2FA] is a pain for many applications that involve multiple administrators. A simple alternative that leverages Cloudflare’s Web Access Firewall [WAF]… Continue reading An alternative to 2FA

Post aMiSTACX Deployment Checklist

Although you are responsible for your AWS and aMiSTACX environment, we wanted to put together an abbreviated post deployment checklist to help remind you of areas that are commonly overlooked for security and performance.

Set up a Development Environment on AWS w/ aMiSTACX

This article is designated for experts, and expert meaning someone with many years of real DevOps technical experience, certifications, and true/real quantifiable technical experience. Meaning Windows Engineer, Developer, Linux Engineer, and Network Engineer. The reason for this notation and criteria are because the essence of this article will NOT be a step-by-step as the subject… Continue reading Set up a Development Environment on AWS w/ aMiSTACX