Improving Time to First Byte TTFB

Improve TTFB for Magento 2 and WordPress

Seems of late that TTFB is the focus of many. Well for aMiSTACX it is important, but not the Golden Grail of high performance stack building. We prefer overall speed and reliability to just how fast TTFB can be.

[Reminds me of a post on the Magento Community forum about TTFB and scalability. The user was trying to push some obsolete caching engine, and I had to laugh how clueless this person really was. All the benchmarking in the world, and how fast so and so is to TTFB lol.

But what that person didn’t tell you was that test server probably crashed a few times a day 😉 and didn’t support native HTTPS without the complication of a reverse proxy. But hey…people love dinosaurs.]

So OK, you may want to know how aMiSTACX performs with TTFB on our premium stacks. Well, we run speed tests all of the time, but we do like Bitcatcha for our server response reports. Why? Cause we can quickly look in our rear view mirror at the results of other hosting companies.

Our test server on AWS is as follows: Cloudflare CDN + aMiSTACX Magento 2.3.5p2 w/ Luma Sample Data on a t3-small + Redis + our Ramjet and S3R-Alpha AWS S3 Module. [Very simple and a very stable premium stack.]

Here are the results from our t3-large stack way out in Central Canada:


For those in ecommerce, those extra milliseconds can easily cover the cost of DIY hosting with aMiSTACX.

Weaponize your Business!

~ Lead_Robot