AWS Hosting Turnkey Deployments

Amazon AWS Marketplace available packaged stack deployments via aMiSTACX : Laravel 10 deployment solution by aMiSTACX Laravel 10.x deployment via aMiSTACX G6 Flexibility! This pcakaged stack brings you simplistic deployment and configuration while increasing performance. Performance features such as Apache or NGINX, PHP 8.1, MySQL 8, Redis, HTTP2, phpMyAdmin, and more. Deployment time in about… Continue reading AWS Hosting Turnkey Deployments

WordPress Debug and Logging

Usually only reserved for admins and developers, the WordPress debug and log option is very handy when it comes down to needing a little assistance in tracing problems. However, leaving these options set to ON, as many developers mistakenly do, can open the doors to a decrease in security and performance. Plus, you and your… Continue reading WordPress Debug and Logging

WordPress High Availability

We provide supported WordPress® 6.x scalable e-commerce solutions on Amazon AWS. All of our S3 Titanium stacks feature our enterprise suite of modules, and are designed for performance and offer incredible value.

Our G-Flexibility line offers multiple configurations for deployment. Flexible architecture such as select your database engine [MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB], http web server [Apache, NGINX], and the ability to switch multiple PHP versions. All ideal when developing and testing high performance ecommerce sites.

Our stacks start as little as 0.049 cents per hour, pay as you go and stop at any time. 100% Freedom & Control over your stack, and we continue to improve our stacks all the time.

Weaponize your business with aMiSTACX!

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