Performance and Business Modules for Magento 2 OSE

Modules for Magento 2 and WordPress

A lot of people ask why aMiSTACX? Besides the reputation of fast and reliable deployments for Magento Open Source, Laravel, WordPress and more, we also offer a lot of value-added modules and plugins with our S3 Titanium Series for Magento Open Source and WordPress.

Magento 2.3+ Open-Source

For Magento Open-Source, aMiSTACX S3 Titanium G6 to G3 stacks we offer and include:

That’s an amazing amount of firepower and flexibility for your business. Plus, all aMiSTACX modules are included with the pay-as-you-go subscription on Amazon AWS Marketplace. If you had to price all of these modules at retail, you probably would be looking at over 2K in additional purchases. Plus, most other module providers force you to renew your support every 3-6 months. aMiSTACX supports our modules without charge for life of the subscription.

Did we mention the pain-point of dealing with some of these other module providers? Their reputation of poor performance, back-door code, and shoddy development methods precedes them. Just search and read the horror stories. Hint: They pay their outsourced developers about the cost of a Starbucks’ Venti Frappuccino [~ $5 USD] per hour. Yes! and if it is free, beware of malware, tracking, and backdoor scams.

WordPress 5+

For WordPress, aMiSTACX S3 Titanium G6F+: