Reduce AWS Hosting Costs t3a Class

Reduce AWS hosting costs with t3a class.

Although the AWS t3a instance type has been out since 2019, we decided to add the EC2 instance type class to some of our deployment solutions.

The simple reason is that many of our customers use our deployment solutions for development work, tutorials, and for demos. These customers do not require max CPU availability that would be required for production commercial systems. Why not take advantage of the cost savings that would be provided by the t3a?

The T3a instances feature AMD EPYC 7000 series processors with an all core turbo clock speed of 2.5 GHz. The AMD-based instances provide additional options for customers that do not fully utilize the compute resources and can benefit from a cost savings of 10%. ~ AWS

Hey we all like to save money from AWS whenever we can. Look for the t3a to be rolled out in the next two weeks. All non-car instances should already have the class as available. Simply stop the EC2, change type, and restart.

Oh, and watch your AWS charges drop by using our new A51 billing module.

Note: The t3a class will not be available for S3 Titanium deployments as these are designed for optimal speed and stability.