Reduce AWS Hosting Costs t3a Class

Although the AWS t3a instance type has been out since 2019, we decided to add the EC2 instance type class to some of our deployment solutions. The simple reason is that many of our customers use our deployment solutions for development work, tutorials, and for demos. These customers do not require max CPU availability that… Continue reading Reduce AWS Hosting Costs t3a Class

Reduce AWS Costs : Part II

CloudWatch Estimated Charges on A51

Watching AWS costs with our A51 Monitoring & Control Dashboard. aMiSTACX’s A51 dashboard now includes a billing module. This module was specifically designed to help you keep an eye on your AWS costs. Features Overview: How to Enable A51 Features for AWS: Because AWS treats billing as a highly private reporting mechanism, A51 cannot fully… Continue reading Reduce AWS Costs : Part II