AWS S3 Module for Magento 2

Horizontal Scaling for Magento 2.2.5+ w/ aMiSTACX S3R-Alpha Module Our new S3R-Alpha Module for AWS S3. This will allow serving all Magento Open Source media images and static content from AWS S3. Resulting in faster performance, less local storage, memory and CPU usage, and a step towards the ability of Magento 2 to horizontal scale… Continue reading AWS S3 Module for Magento 2

How to Modify AWS EC2 Size

How to increase or decrease AWS EC2 instance size. Even with an optimized aMiSTACX stack running on a t3-small, sometimes we just need even more server horsepower. Thankfully AWS makes this very easy! In a few clicks you can increase your EC2 instance size. This means more CPU and more RAM at your fingertips. Plus… Continue reading How to Modify AWS EC2 Size

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