Magento 2 : Apache vs. NGINX

We recently tested our optimized S3 Titanium demo stack for Magento 2.4.6 Open Source, and ran a GTMetrix test for Apache, and a GTMetrix speed test for NGINX on the same server.

Both HTTP server apps are excellent starting points for scoring high speed and quality numbers on GTMetrix, Google Insights, and Bitcatcha.

The following Magento 2.4.6 tests* were taken on the same stack with the exception of the HTTP engine.

Apache GTMetrix Speed Test Results
NGINX GTMetrix Speed Test Results

Note: The first pass [out of six total] of the testing was on Apache, and the LCP is showing 1.2s, and TBT of 8ms. This is expected as nothing was cached. Notice every single test thereafter the time was more consistent. Also note that Cloudflare was included for more realistic caching expectations.

Note: GTMetrix testing origin was from Vancouver, Canada to AWS us-east-2 [Ohio].

You can conduct this very same A/B test on aMiSTACX with our demo store deployment option. See your stack guide, and our videos for more AWS deployment information.

In summary, don’t fall for marketing hype. Stay flexible in your usage of both NGINX and Apache, as sometimes you’ll need to switch depending on the task at hand; A/B test everything prior to go-live.

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