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aMiSTACX G5 Turnkey AWS for WordPress 5.x+

We are excited to announce availability of our G5F stack for WordPress.

Here is what you can expect from a G5F:

  • Ubuntu 20 LTS
  • MySQL 8 and certain CFTs on AWS MP have a choice of MySQL 5.7 or 8, MariaDB, or Aurora.
  • PHP 7.4
  • Apache or NGINX
  • Redis Caching 5
  • AWS CloudWatch Agent
  • AWS Time Service
  • Performance tweaks for a T3 small/medium
  • ionCube Loaders

This is a perfect stack for high performance, and high stability requirements. We also offer our S3 Titanium plugin that features S3R-Alpha and S3Sonic. And of course, all of our stacks feature our A51 management and monitoring dashboard.

What are you waiting for? Weaponize your business today!

~ Lead_Robot