AWS Hosting Turnkey Deployments

Amazon AWS Marketplace available stack deployments via aMiSTACX : Laravel 10 : aMiSTACX G6F Laravel 10.x via aMiSTACX G6 Flexibility! This stack brings you simplistic deployment and configuration while increasing performance. Performance features such as Apache or NGINX, PHP 8.1, PHP 7.4, MySQL 8, Redis, HTTP2, phpMyAdmin, and more. Deployment time in about 5 minutes,… Continue reading AWS Hosting Turnkey Deployments

Rust Solo Game Therapy

Can you turn a game that was designed for a survival post apocalyptic PvP free-for-all into a solo therapeutic island retreat? Yes, you can! Although, I’m a new player to the Rust franchise, the game has been around since 2013, and as with all great developments that have been able to span time, part of… Continue reading Rust Solo Game Therapy

aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

Of the course of many years, certain stacks get retired. Sun-setting as they call it in AWS. Maybe a stack was replaced by another stack, maybe we no longer find it economically feasible to provide a certain deployment stack. Maybe there is little interest in a stack series, or the stack is obsolete. For whatever… Continue reading aMiSTACX Stack Sunset Listing

Deploy Magento 2.4.6 Open Source on AWS

aMiSTACX is pleased to announce a new deployment* package for Magento 2.4.6 Open Source on AWS. This particular deployment marks a whole new deployment processing framework that incorporates many new features for deployment speed and stability. Of particular note, during the AWS Cloudformation deployment process you will be able to select the following options: Additional… Continue reading Deploy Magento 2.4.6 Open Source on AWS

Odoo 16 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

aMiSTACX is pleased to announce availability our G6F performance stack for Odoo 16 Community Edition on AWS Marketplace: Many are now using Odoo with Magento, and we have tested this deployment with Magento 2.3 +, and Odoo 14 Enterprise w/ an Odoo/Magento bridge connector module. Overall a great performance stack for experienced Odoo developers and… Continue reading Odoo 16 CE turnkey deployment on AWS

AMISTACX G6-Flexibility Stacks

Although the “Wen Lambo” meme is synonymous within the crypto community, we’ll say our new Gen-6 Flexibility [G6F] stacks are like “Wen Available?”, like now. Just because our crypto investments are crashing doesn’t mean our ecommerce sales can’t mooooon. Our G6F stacks offer packaged continual improvement with over six plus years of real-life testing and… Continue reading AMISTACX G6-Flexibility Stacks

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