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AWS S3 Module for Magento 2

Horizontal Scaling for Magento 2.2.5+ w/ aMiSTACX S3R-Alpha Module

Our new S3R-Alpha Module for AWS S3. This will allow serving all Magento (TM) media images and static content from AWS S3. Resulting in faster performance, less local storage, memory and CPU usage, and a step towards the ability of Magento 2 to horizontal scale through the use of AWS auto scale groups.

How fast is fast? Hmm how about under 300 Milliseconds on a t2-micro and average TTFB < 100ms. Just CDN+aMiSTACX+S3R-Alpha. That’s it!

S3R-Alpha configuration information here. >>

June 2nd, 2019 – S3R-Alpha is even more flexible! Now S3R-Alpha “M”. M for multi-site multi-buckets for AWS S3.

Weaponize your Business with aMiSTACX!


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